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Hi and welcome to the Onionverse! Have you heard of Our Lord and Savior The Onion? It's only the Finest News Source in the whole world! Well, fortunately, this community isn't looking to convert you. Rather, it's for those of us who already know and like The Onion and, specifically, want to write fic set in its bizarre universe.

It was made on a whim, whilst rereading The Book of Known Knowledge, running under the agreement that it's such a travesty such a delightfully funny work doesn't have any fanfiction (much less fandom!) as far as we could see. Furthermore, although we have all been in fandom for years and years, we considered it an additional tragedy that we hadn't all shared a fandom since, well, ever. But as everyone likes (or at least tolerates) The Onion, we figured we could use this as a stepping stone... an excuse to have friends read fic outside of their usual fandoms, that is.

But if you too like the Onion and you too would like to write fanfiction set in its bizarre little world, by all means come in come in! ♥

The reason why everything is friends locked is because, well, the Onion is R18 and its brand of humor is terribly offensive at times. But assuming you like it and are not easily offended and are looking to lambast (or lampoon) your favorite (or not so favorite) fandom characters, please do join us~

Simply comment on this entry with the title of your favorite Onion article and either request to become a member or we will send you an invite. After accepting, please head on over to this (friends-locked) entry and fill out the meme so the rest of us can get to know you!

In terms of activities, in an effort to mimic the original source material, types of fic/meta are split into four prompt posts:
1. Local News (Fanfiction set in the world of The Onion)
2. Actual News (Articles lambasting characters and events in the tone of The Onion)
3. The News In Photos (Captioned pieces of un/official art)
4. What Do You Think? (Editorials - character to character advice column, soapbox-style inserts, and characters' reactions to extra-canon events)

Furthermore, these posts will make up an issue. The next issue (and theme) will be released once each section has at least two articles and one section has seven, meaning that each "issue" will have thirteen "articles". What is an article? It can be either fic or meta or critique, etc. Obviously it should be related to The Onion, but outside of that, go wild.


Date: 2015-08-18 17:17 (UTC)
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From: [personal profile] meandmeander
Hey sweetie~! <3
Of course I would come take a look at least! You're right that work is kicking my behind at the moment, but I do so love the Onion's brand of humor. Maybe I could help out with an editorial or something? Currently working my way through the meme (it's so hard to pick one favorite character, ever!) and getting hit with ALL the nostalgia *sigh*.

Please let me know if something's wrong, obviously I'm illiterate and unable to follow simple instructions lol.

Re: Destiny!!!!!

Date: 2015-08-18 17:21 (UTC)
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From: [personal profile] dreamsofdest1ny
Don't worry we will drag you in and never let you leave! /holds on tight
But no seriously, with these sort of things, it's always more fun with more people because, well, you get more fandoms? Plus it seems like some of yours are less popular than they could/should be (by nature of being old shows) so hopefully inspiration will strike and you'll share some stuff with us! :3
That's the plan and I'm sticking to it!

Oh don't mind hex, he's got a boner for making rules and sticking to them. /laughs
Welcome, again! And looking forward to seeing your meme response~~~
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